Fluval Filter Systems for Aquariums

Natural aquatic systems are naturally equipped with a means to remove the toxic compounds or water wastes. However, for a home or office aquarium, a filtration system is a must to keep the aquarium environment healthy. Aquarium filters have never been aesthetically appealing. In most cases, the aquariums beauty is taken over by the huge boxes of aquarium filters. These boxes have never been desirable by aquarium owners. However, as things are becoming more aesthetically appealing it is thus important to have a filtration system which is not only functional but also stylish and aesthetically appealing. An aesthetically appealing filtration box would n’t hinder the beauty of the aquarium centrepieces but will easily blend in with the aquarium and match with the interior of your home or office. fluval-underwater-filter-u-series

Fluval filter systems provide you with unsurpassed underwater aquarium filtration systems. They not only provide with all the high end specs required from an underwater filtration system but also add an aesthetic value to your aquarium.  The Fluval U series is unique as it includes a built-in spray bar as well as a powerful jet nozzle. The U series offers a versatile underwater filtration system, it provides new possibilities for aquarium filtration water movement and crucial aeration for different aquarium tanks such as for freshwater and saltwater. With a wide choice of U series Fluval filters, these are ideal for a variety of tanks. The Fluval filters in U series is available as Fluval U2, Fluval U3 and Fluval U4 filters. All these provide with an adjustable 3-way flow to allow customised water movement. These filters can be placed vertically or horizontally which allows you with plenty of flexibility to place the tank any which way you prefer. The Fluval filters also come with a variety of features. For instance, you can adjust the flow rate. The directional output nozzle allows easy water movement where needed the most. Above all, the special venture system in these filters provides oxygen which is the first and foremost requirement of any good aquarium filter, thus promoting a healthy aquarium environment.  The Fluval U series also comes with a flip-top media chamber which allows fast, easy and efficient maintenance. These units are also extremely quiet and do not disturb your marine life in any way. Aquarium owners are also worried about the installation and maintenance of filtration systems. However, these Fluval filters allow easy installation and maintenance.

Aquarium specialists understand that the aquarium filtration must rely on mechanical, biological and chemical filtration process to remove the toxic compounds likely to build in fish tanks or aquariums. The Fluval underwater filter comes with a 3 stage filtration system, stage 1 removes large particles. Stage 2 traps fine debris, improves water clarity and removes impurities. Stage 3 BIOMAX provides optimal biological filtration efficiency. The filters employ biological strength of BIOMAX to trap debris, remove impurities and improve overall water clarity. The adjustable 3-way flow rate lets you control the filter’s output for efficient, customized use. The flip-top design allows for easy maintenance, so you have more time to enjoy the beauty of a clean aquatic environment.

Below are some distinct features of Fluval U series.

  • U1 includes: 1 foam filter pad
  • U2 includes: 2 foam filter pads, 2 poly/carbon cartridges, and 40 g BioMAX
  • U3 includes: 2 foam filter pads, 2 poly-carbon cartridges and 40 g BioMAX
  • U4 includes: 2 foam filter pads, 2 poly-carbon cartridges and 90 g BioMAX


Benefits of using an Aqua One filter in your aquarium

The benefits of using an Aqua One filter in your aquarium

The benefits of using an Aqua One filter in your aquarium are vast, with options varying from the highly popular Aqua One 3C filters, to the Aqua One Carbon filters. filters

Having the best possible filter for your fish

With an Aqua One filter, you know that you are receiving quality. In fact, many see Aqua One as the very best tank filtration device available. As you will probably be aware, filters remove the toxic build-up of ammonia, nitrates, and aerates that make it hard for fish to breathe properly, and if not removed can harm the fish. Therefore, it’s imperative that you choose a unit that you can trust, from a leading provider.

Aqua One filters – offering variety

With a variety of filters available, Aqua One offers everything you may require for your tank, regardless of the size. They offer different filters for technical practicalities that can alter between the fish that you keep and their specific requirements.

Aqua One Maxi filter

One of the many models available is the Aqua One Maxi filter. This filter is most commonly used to provide the cleanest and healthiest living space for your fish. Ideal for fresh and saltwater use.

Aqua One filters for fish tanks are accessible in a wide array of styles and designs to make them ideal for whatever circumstances you may have. This is one of the many benefits offered by the company. The brand is one of the most reputable in the industry because they have proven that they produce the very best for your fish tanks.

The choice to use an Aqua One filter in your aquarium is one you will not regret, providing the best products to set up your aquarium exactly the way you and your fish want it.