Caring for Your Pond

A small pond will need a complete overhaul to remove debris every five years, while large ponds need thorough cleaning every 10 years.

Start by preparing a holding tank in a shady spot for fish and deep water plants; use some pond water in the tank, unless it is particularly cloudy. Marginal (water’s edge) plants will survive as long as they are kept moist and shaded.

The easiest way to drain your pond is to use a pump, which can be rented for the day from a machinery hire shop. As the water level falls, remove fish as they become visible. If you find any, put larger creatures into the holding tanks.

Remove plants as the water levels drops, placing them in the holding tank. Take the opportunity to re-pot or divide plants if necessary.

Place decaying plant material on the side of the pond, so any smaller creatures hidden away can return to the pond.

Scoop up the silt from the base. You can use this on your border, but retain a little to add back to the pond as it will help re-establish tiny organisms.

Clean the pond liner with a scrubbing brush and water, bailing the dirty water out with a bucket.

Return the saved silt and any saved pond water. Next, refill with water (rain water if possible), positioning pond plants as you go.

Finish by returning the fish and any other creatures.

After cleaning out the pond, it can take several months or years to return to a balanced ecosystem.

Reef One – Ensuring the Smooth Operation of your Aquarium

When thinking fish tanks, quite possibly the most widely renowned would be Reef One’s biOrb range. This, quite obviously, is for a number of reasons: They are cheap, incredibly efficient and even look the part.

Reef One – a company with years of experience

Having been at the very pinnacle of their game for a number of years, Reef One’s experience allows them to be one of – if not the – leading manufacturers in aqua production. This is largely down to their ability to adapt and innovate in a market constantly evolving and changing with the addition of new technology. Some prices on Reef One’s biOrb accessories may beg the question ‘Can quality fit into something so small?’ The answer is yes.

Reef One – an array of products for cost-effective prices

Products range from as little as five pounds or under, this does not mean that they are not made to the highest degree of quality like all other biOrb products. A manufacturer  like this understands the vital importance of every little detail. To ensure the smooth overall operation of an aquarium, one must pay respect to the smallest and most insignificant part, for they all add up to complete the finished article. Reef One is aware of this and having founded a company on fundamental ideals like health, hygiene and happiness, you are assured customer satisfaction when purchasing a product branded with their stamp of quality. biOrb spare parts

Reef One – designing the very best products with aesthetics in mind

No matter the size or significance of a spare part, they all add to creating a beautiful aesthetic that is easy to maintain. If you are new to marine keeping, do not allow this to put you off – like in many other things in life, replacement parts are a necessity. That is why From biOrb pumps to biOrb heaters, all biOrb accessories are fantastically produced.

Reef One – a market leader

No matter what it is that you are looking for, no matter the size or significance, this extensive list is sure to cover all your needs. Do not settle for replacement parts that are simply below par, Reef One’s biOrb range of accessories are great value and amongst the finest replacement parts on the market.

Red Sea Max Parts – Innovative evolution of marine keeping

Twenty years on from their inception, Red Sea Max has cemented themselves as one of the world’s leading aquarium manufacturers. What defines their character is a dedication to craft and excellence that is not compromised when price or performance is involved. Innovative, adapting and constantly looking to the next evolution in aqua-management, Red Sea Max’s quest for success has reaped the rewards for marine keeping enthusiasts the world over. Here, we explore more about this leading brand.

Red Sea Max – never compromise on quality

No matter how big or small an item may be, Red Sea Max do not compromise on quality. This can be said for all Red Sea Max Parts. All are designed to be innovative, of unquestionable value and manufactured using the latest in technological advancements. That goes for the fine filter pads right through to the Red Sea Max pumps. No matter the specifications, everything is designed to deliver ultimate performance. Therefore, when you come to the inevitable point of replacing a component, you are not letting up on quality or efficiency.                            red sea max spares

Red Sea Max – offering an array of items to suit all purposes

From Red Sea test kits to Red Sea Max 130 spares, all are fit for purpose. The lowest end items range from around five pounds, yet all are necessary to the smooth functionality of your own personal aquarium. It is this understanding of what is needed and what is considered affordable that allow Red Sea Max the luxury of calling themselves a leading manufacturer. With a whole host of replacement parts available, hobbyists will have absolutely no trouble keeping their own aquariums in order.  Whatever problem, there is a part to fix it. From impeller skimmer pumps, to filter pads and LED light replacement fittings, there is enough here to cover all your aquatic requirements.

Red Sea Max – formed to help you get the most out of your aquarium

As has been the case for two decades, there are many intrinsic principles that Red Sea Max follows to help deliver an excellence in quality and efficiency. With a team dedicated to the innovative evolution of marine keeping, you are assured a product that is unlike any other. Designed to help you get the best out of your personal aquarium, Red Sea Max spare parts are no compromise on quality regardless of their significance. For all your needs, look no further than this extensive collection.

Fluval Spare Parts – Adapt and Evolve

Fluval can happily boast being an industry leader for nearly four decades. Bringing its customers a quality of craft that is unrivalled by any other, Fluval spare parts are another facet of their company that is helping aquarium owners the world over care for and maintain a happy fish tank. Though some spares might range from as little as under five pounds, they never compromise on quality and always perform to expert standards. In this guide, we will explore more about Fluval.fluval spare parts

Fluval Roma 90 Light Unit – one of the leading light units

Take the Fluval Roma 90 light unit for example; its easy installation and excellent efficiency earmark it as one of Fluval’s highest grossing replacement parts. Not only is it great value for money, the Fluval Roma 90 light unit looks fantastic and can help improve the ambiance of your aquarium. That is not the extent of it however, Fluval edge spares are also exceptional replacements for those requiring the quality of performance provided. From clean and clear kits to new LED light fittings, every product is manufactured to make aqua management as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Is Fluval ideal if I have limited experience with aquarium management?

Regardless of your experience, whether you are new to marine keeping or not, the one constant is the need for replacement parts. To this extent, Fluval have you well and truly covered. With a range that spans from the small to the large, no matter the significance of a part, you are bound to find one suited to you and your aquarium specifications. Maybe you require a new Fluval Edge filter, or a simple replacement motor ring, with Fluval you are assured complete customer satisfaction. Fluval’s near forty-year experience is a testament to their character.

Fluval – a market leader and innovator

Constantly looking to innovate, adapt and evolve with the ever-growing market, they can boast a reputation that has fish enthusiasts singing their praises all across the globe. With designs that demonstrate their technological ability, it is no wonder Fluval are a leading manufacturer in the aqua production industry. Here to promote health, happiness, and hygiene within your personal aquarium, Fluval spare parts are a product of their intrinsic values. The customer comes first. No matter what you are looking to replace, you can guarantee Fluval have a part for it. Therefore, look no further, all you need is right here.

Aqua one Spares – Designed to High Standards

Aqua One has spent a decade building a reputation as one of the market leaders in this field. When it comes to maintaining a thriving aquarium, there are no parts that are too big or too small and that is a fact. Therefore, you can imagine, that Aqua One spares are uncompromising in quality regardless of their size or significance. For ten years, Aqua One has been a leading UK manufacturer and that drive and innovation is clearly echoed in their products. In this short guide, we will explore more about the quality you can expect from Aqua One spare parts.

Aqua One Spares – cost-effective products you can trust

Though prices fluctuate from as little as five pounds to over a hundred for certain spares, the one constant is quality and efficiency. All parts, no matter the size, are important to maximising the functionality of an aquarium. From something as small as a new set of sponge pads to a much larger replacement LED lighting system, or anything in between, they are all manufactured to the highest degree of quality to ensure you are getting the best out of your aquarium. Not only in efficiency, but also in aesthetics. aqua one spares

Replacements are inevitable – make sure you choose the supplier wisely

You don’t have to know your way around a fish tank to know certain parts will need replacing, and there is no need to believe replacements will tarnish your aquarium’s performance. Aqua One understands the challenges facing the owner of a personal aquarium, which is why every product is produced to excellent standards.

Aqua One – a team that will go the extra mile to ensure success

All Aqua One aquarium spares understand and suitably perform their duties as they are meant to. With a keen knowledge of the consumers market and a team willing to go that extra mile, Aqua One has elevated themselves to new grounds of superiority. Ten years in the UK industry has led them on a journey of discovery and innovation that they have thoroughly obliged to undertake, from fish tanks to spare parts, all are important as the last. Buying replacement spares is an inescapable truth, so do not settle for the first you find.

With Aqua One fish tank spares, not only are you buying products of the highest quality, but also of the greatest value. From the big to the small and anything in between, everything is perfectly crafted with the customer in mind. Look no further for excellent Aqua One parts.