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Interpet Aqueon Falls Aquarium – White

A new and attractive concept in Aquariums, the Interpet Aqueon Falls Aquarium is designed to be a small desk top aquarium with a curved concept and flowing water falls. The Interpet Aqueon can be used as either coldwater or tropical so the heater is an optional extra.   Interpet aqueon

The filter in the Interpet Aqueon Falls 3 pod aquarium is an easy to clean, effective, cartridge filter for a clear, clean and healthy aquarium.

This aquarium comes with a replaceable cartridge which includes fine floss to trap fine waste. Carbon to remove dissolved dyes and organics, leaving crystal clear water

The high surface area biological media acts as a mini sewerage treatment works, so removing toxic fish waste.

It has a reliable, adjustable circulation pump which has been designed for high flow performance and easy cleaning.

Marina Surfin Aquarium Kit – 14 litres

Fun and imaginative, this Marina Surfin Aquarium Kit includes everything you need to set up a cool surfin theme tank. The set comes with cling-on surfer decals and a flexible cut-out background that features a cast of laid back surfers. It also comes with a plastic cut-out ornament for additional decoration. Marina aquarium

After you have set the surfing scene with the decals, background and ornament, the rest is also pretty easy. Simply install the filter, then add water and doses of NutraFin water conditioners, included in the kit. The Marina Surfin aquarium has an innovative aquarium lid that makes feeding your fish with NutraFin Max fish food,  also included, very convenient. There is an opening at the top that allows you to sprinkle the food in the water without having to remove the lid. This turns feeding into a mess-freeoperation. Gravel available separately.

biOrb Halo 30 Aquarium with Halo LED Lighting

The biOrb Halo 30­ with Halo LED Lighting is a visually seamless aquarium and with the biOrb Halo LED light fitted inside the lid as a ring of LED lights, this gives the contents of the aquarium a real 3D appearance. At night the halo version automatically switches to the calm moonlight setting. A light sensor allows you to set the exact lighting conditions for the automatic switching to moonlight. biOrb Halo 30 Aquarium

The lid of the biOrb 30 closes reassuringly with a magnetic catch and the airline is subtly hidden away in one of the feet at the back of the tank.

For safety and peace of mind, the lights and pump are low voltage and are backed by a 12 month guarantee. The aquarium itself is made from acrylic, which is ten times stronger than glass.

You can enjoy all the technology of an advanced aquarium set up, supplied in one box. The biOrb Halo 30 is the perfect aquarium for anyone new to fish keeping.

How to Manage the Nitrogen Cycle and Avoid Toxicity

The Nitrogen cycle is the term given to the scientific process that happens in your aquarium. The biological filtration system is heavily reliant upon this happening as it reduces the risk of harmful chemicals affecting your fish. Certain components that can accelerate the development of noxious gasses are things like uneaten food, organic waste and the respiratory actions of its inhabitants. The nitrogen cycle is simply the natural effects of biological changes that occur in the water.

Firstly, everything is broken down. From uneaten nutrients, to fish excretion and other organic waste, all is broken by fungi and bacteria resulting in a chemical known as ammonia. This is highly toxic to all the marine life living in your aquarium. As it combines and breeds with other bacteria, it also forms more, less harmful chemicals like nitrites. In general, the nitrogen cycle is an effective way of breaking down potent poisons into less harmful ones.

New aquariums initially lack the maturity to produce such a scientific process. Because of a lack of bacteria, it cannot kick-start its own engine, which is why it is necessary to ‘cycle’ your aquarium. This is a way of maturing your fish tank. To help combat these pitfalls, there are a number of water treatments for aquariums available that can produce the bacteria needed. Once this process has been completed, and your tank is ‘cycled’, there should be no reason for high ammonia levels. However, if this is still happening, then evidence would suggest there is either an excess of livestock in your aquarium, or an excess of nutrients being fed to its inhabitants. Make sure this is resolved as soon as possible to prevent any potential damage.

Tap water, as innocent as it may seem, will need some treatment. Try to learn the pH and hardness levels to better gauge what kind of fish you can support. In addition, it is vitally important to know whether there is either chlorine or chloramine in the water as these are also a potentially harmful set of chemicals. The nitrogen cycle is a natural process. However, generally caring for your aquarium can help eradicate any issues that may occur. Minor steps like removing waste and properly catering to the water all make a major difference in general maintenance terms.   testing kits for aquariums

Testing kits for aquariums and a number of water treatments for aquariums are also designed to help you get the most out of aqua management. So make sure to familiarise yourself with the different water treatments for fish tanks as they are all manufactured to combat toxicity and ensure a healthy and hygienic aquarium.


Aquarium Plants and Ornaments

It is important to have an aquarium you are proud to display. Not only does this mean that it looks good, but also that it successfully supports the marine life you have inside it. Aquariums are meant to be fun. No matter where you keep it, either in the office, the living room or anywhere else, the more vibrant and colourful they are, the happier you are going to be. One of the most alluring aspects of a personal aquarium is its complete customisable appearance. The choice, quite simply, is yours.

Like a picture that moves, they are serenity and peacefulness incarnate. However, arguably the most important part of aqua management is keeping the fish comfortable, healthy and happy. Seeing as though fish are naturally prey, it is up to you to try to alleviate any ill feeling your marine life may have.

This is, believe it or not, related to the environment you create in your aquarium. A tank decorated with beautiful aesthetics is known to reduce stress and promote a sense of well being for your fish as well as yourself! As a result, their health and immune systems are boosted significantly increasing their chances against death and disease. Not only that, a tank enhanced with vibrant decorations is proven to increase fish behaviour and activity (by keeping them out of hiding) and also enhanced colourisation.                aquarium plants

As you can see, there are many positives to making your tank look the part. From ornaments, to plant life to replacement gravel for aquariums, there is so much to see and choose. Whatever makes you happy! There are some general guidelines however, that depend entirely on the fish your aquarium holds. For example, marine life that hails from shallow lakes, ponds or slow moving rivers are better suited to ‘soft cover’, which constitutes plants and other more flexible ornaments.

Fish from deeper or faster moving waters however, naturally prefer ‘hard cover’. As you can imagine, that entails features like rocks and logs and other solid items. Be careful not to include any objects that could give off toxic gasses or are possible to chew by the fish, as this can lead to potentially fatal results for your aquariums inhabitants. In addition, it is recommended to use ornaments that are bought, rather than found, as these can also contain harmful gasses that are invisible to the naked eye.

Strictly purchase aquarium plants, aquarium ornaments and gravel for fish tanks to ensure you are getting the best for yourself and your fish. A personal aquarium is the perfect way to enjoy complete serenity. Enjoy its vibrancy and the fish will as well.