Interpet Aqueon Falls Aquarium – White

A new and attractive concept in Aquariums, the Interpet Aqueon Falls Aquarium is designed to be a small desk top aquarium with a curved concept and flowing water falls. The Interpet Aqueon can be used as either coldwater or tropical so the heater is an optional extra.   Interpet aqueon

The filter in the Interpet Aqueon Falls 3 pod aquarium is an easy to clean, effective, cartridge filter for a clear, clean and healthy aquarium.

This aquarium comes with a replaceable cartridge which includes fine floss to trap fine waste. Carbon to remove dissolved dyes and organics, leaving crystal clear water

The high surface area biological media acts as a mini sewerage treatment works, so removing toxic fish waste.

It has a reliable, adjustable circulation pump which has been designed for high flow performance and easy cleaning.