How To Keep A Healthy Fish Tank and Fish

Every fish tank will need a general maintenance clean once a week. Aquarium cleaning is exercised to ensure that it is running to optimum efficiency at all times. To do this, there are a number of steps that will now be illustrated.       aquarium cleaning

To begin, with, cleaning the glass is important. To do this, use an algae pad and move in small circular motions all across the inside of the glass. This process is used to help remove all the algae that is stuck to the inside of the tank. Once complete, let it settle for around twenty minutes.

Next, you will need to find a bucket and a gravel cleaner. These are necessary for getting rid of all the organic waste that is lurking under your tanks foundations. By creating a siphon, the gravel cleaner sucks up the waste and deposits it into the exterior bucket. Move around your water features (rocks, castles etc.) to ensure a thorough clean. Once this process is over, you should see a decrease in the tanks water levels, at around 20%. You will need to replenish that water. To do this, tap water is fine, and make sure you include a chemical agent to negate all the harmful components in the water.

Also, if your aquarium is relatively young (less than six months old), you could benefit from applying a bacterial treatment to help mature the filter. After this step has been executed, simply clean the fish tank from any water that may have sloshed over the front. Circular motions again using a wet and dry paper towel respectively.

Next, the filter. No matter whether it is external or internal, simply remove the lid, extract the sponge and give it a good squeeze into the water you have already taken out of the tank, then place the sponge back in and put the filter straight into the aquarium.

For those with sand foundations instead of gravel, the process is relatively the same. Clean as normal and clean the filter as normal. However, with your hands or a net, stir the sand until it has all been thoroughly processed. Once this is complete, all the organic waste will have risen and then settled onto the sand bed. Simply use the gravel cleaner to suck the waste up – be careful not to put it too close to the sand – and extract all the unwanted waste.

Fish tank cleaning need not be a chore, follow these steps and you are on your way to promoting healthy and happy marine life.