How to Manage the Nitrogen Cycle and Avoid Toxicity

The Nitrogen cycle is the term given to the scientific process that happens in your aquarium. The biological filtration system is heavily reliant upon this happening as it reduces the risk of harmful chemicals affecting your fish. Certain components that can accelerate the development of noxious gasses are things like uneaten food, organic waste and the respiratory actions of its inhabitants. The nitrogen cycle is simply the natural effects of biological changes that occur in the water.

Firstly, everything is broken down. From uneaten nutrients, to fish excretion and other organic waste, all is broken by fungi and bacteria resulting in a chemical known as ammonia. This is highly toxic to all the marine life living in your aquarium. As it combines and breeds with other bacteria, it also forms more, less harmful chemicals like nitrites. In general, the nitrogen cycle is an effective way of breaking down potent poisons into less harmful ones.

New aquariums initially lack the maturity to produce such a scientific process. Because of a lack of bacteria, it cannot kick-start its own engine, which is why it is necessary to ‘cycle’ your aquarium. This is a way of maturing your fish tank. To help combat these pitfalls, there are a number of water treatments for aquariums available that can produce the bacteria needed. Once this process has been completed, and your tank is ‘cycled’, there should be no reason for high ammonia levels. However, if this is still happening, then evidence would suggest there is either an excess of livestock in your aquarium, or an excess of nutrients being fed to its inhabitants. Make sure this is resolved as soon as possible to prevent any potential damage.

Tap water, as innocent as it may seem, will need some treatment. Try to learn the pH and hardness levels to better gauge what kind of fish you can support. In addition, it is vitally important to know whether there is either chlorine or chloramine in the water as these are also a potentially harmful set of chemicals. The nitrogen cycle is a natural process. However, generally caring for your aquarium can help eradicate any issues that may occur. Minor steps like removing waste and properly catering to the water all make a major difference in general maintenance terms.   testing kits for aquariums

Testing kits for aquariums and a number of water treatments for aquariums are also designed to help you get the most out of aqua management. So make sure to familiarise yourself with the different water treatments for fish tanks as they are all manufactured to combat toxicity and ensure a healthy and hygienic aquarium.