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Is it worth buying a biOrb stand?

Reef One’s biOrb range is a comprehensive list comprising of all that is needed to get the best out of marine-keeping. Not only are you entering into quality, but efficiency and care also entail. Having been dedicated manufacturers for decades, they offer a wide range to help make your life as easy as possible.    biOrb stand black or silver

The biOrb stand works with any biOrb aquarium and others as well – Put simply, the biOrb stand in the perfect accompaniment to any biOrb aquarium. Its versatility is one of the stands most endearing factors as it is easily applicable to the biOrb 105 fish tank, the biOrb 30 or 60, the biUbe and also the Life aquariums. With all tanks being of the utmost quality, the biOrb stands ability to mould around you is one that is greatly welcome. It is incredibly easy to assemble, as durable as one could want and is, of course, waterproof. Made of the finest acrylic materials, the stand is built to last. Available in differing colours to suit your requirements, silver or black, it is designed to help create a beautiful aesthetic along with your biOrb aquarium. This is one of the main points that people loved about the product, and is something that biOrb, as a company, have been very well known for, their design.

Both function and fashion at a premium – Able to carry weights of up to 120 kg, the Reef One biOrb stand is the perfect accessory to accentuate your growing underwater wonder world. By ensuring the cable to the stand is carefully concealed you are not sacrificing any of its looks for its function. Never one to compromise, biOrb has designed a range of fish tanks that are as innovative technologically as they are beautiful. Whether you’re relatively new to marine-keeping, or if you’re just looking for a fresh venture, you are guaranteed customer satisfaction with Reef One’s biOrb range. With fantastic aesthetics, efficient energy consumption and hygiene being of the utmost importance, biOrb is quite simply the best line on the market. Now you can help emphasise your underwater haven with the biOrb stand.